Gas Based Power Solutions

For your industrial power requirements

Industrial Power Solutions

  • Green Liquified Natural Gas Ltd (GLNG) bring considerable local projects, industry experience, implementing & operating power related projects as the growth of power demand in Nigeria presents a substantial opportunity. The company has started implementing dedicated Power Plant Projects to customers starting with 1 MW scalable up to 20 MW or more fueled by Gas Generators. The target is to execute multiple projects and build a portfolio of power stations over the next ten years with capacity of 1000MW.

  • GLNG would assume responsibility for the total energy supply strategy, including supply security, gas fuel contract, generating Capacity, supply tariff, capital equipment replacement and Planned maintenance (structured as comprehensive Repair & Maintenance contracts on an annual basis). It would also develop Carbon Credit advantages, if any.

  • GLNG will provide with CNG or LNG for the power as fuel as per client requirement.

Advantages of power solution from GLNG

  • Zero Capex Cost to the Customer

  • Power solution integrated with Gas Supply – Single window solution

  • Attractive and affordable Power tariff

  • Experienced team of Engineers and Technicians deployed for customized client requirements

  • 24/7 Customer care for all your queries and issue resolution

How much do you save on power?

GLNG website provides you with unique a tool to calculate your power savings. Click the button below to go to the calculator page.

Power Savings Calculator